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What My Clients Say

"I have had weekly personal training with Maddie for almost a year and attend a weekly group circuit training. I started working with her because I was wanted to improve my strength and overall fitness as I get older. I have vastly improved and feel so much better. Maddie is a fantastic trainer as she adapts the exercises over time and has gradually increased the weights I can bear. Just what I need!" Eileen

"Maddie is incredible! When I first started training with her I had quite poor mobility because of my slipped disc. Slowly and surely I am now so much better and stronger. Basically cured! She always listens to what I want to achieve and is a great motivator and positive force in my life." Lizzy

"It was having a competent instructor like Maddie who set up classes to suit all abilities that encouraged me after the pandemic to return to the gym. I am also grateful for the personal training I have with her. Thank you for the encouragement and support over the years." Christina

"Thank you Maddie for accepting me in your gym class. I am 75 years old and have a few health issues but your class is suitable for me as this is flexible and you modified according to my needs. This class provides full body work and improved my core strength and flexibility. Thanks for your help and support." Rekha

"Maddie is a fantastic class instructor and PT, she is really approachable, friendly and sensitive to different needs, including helping me to adapt exercises after an injury to get me back to full fitness. Thanks so much Maddie!" Jess

"I would recommend anyone who would like to improve their fitness to work with Maddie. She has been the best in motivating and in helping to reach fitness goals." Andrejus

“Well, where can I start? I met Maddie on the 1st July 2022 when I was in desperate need of an expert personal trainer who understood what I’m going through, what my needs might be and even more importantly how she could actually help me out. 

I’m a bone cancer survivor who has got osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, and earlier in May this year I was told that I’m coming down with Parkinson’s, early stages, and I have an inactive tremor. But I’d had severe shoulder, neck, arm, lower back pain and stiffness. It was so bad that I couldn’t even stand up straight and I was hunching, and I couldn’t walk straight. So I needed somebody to not just motivate me and push me to the right direction, but help me to get my fitness level higher and get my health back so that I could move with more or less no pain and become kind of in control of my own body. And superstar Maddie made it possible.


She is excellent because she has been so supportive, she’s got a very good listening ear, but more than anything she understands and she puts herself into your shoes, and knows exactly with her knowledge and her experience what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and when to stop. So she knows when to push you and when not to, and she’s always joyous, happy, tolerant, patient, supportive, loving and you feel as if you’re with your sister just having a fun day. And every time I look forward to my daily, well I say daily, it’s Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I’ve got one hour with her, I look forward to my days. And I’ve told her so many times when she says ‘Okay you’re done, you’re finished for the day’, I’m always saying ‘Oh I just got ready, I’m just warmed up, I want more, I thought we were going to start doing the exercises now!’ So I’m full of energy after we do the exercises, although at the beginning I’m stiff and I’m painful, but once I start doing it with her and I go through the motion I feel wonderful, exuberant, excited, full of passion of life, and in control of my body, especially my muscles, and my aches seem to be just a tinsy binsy nagging all the time. 


I don’t know how to thank her. I hope I can carry on until I drop dead with her and I am so grateful that I found her and I recommend anyone with any problem, or no problem, to have Maddie and beg to have her as their personal trainer. Maddie, you’re a superstar.” Shirin

"Maddie has been my PT for 7 months now and she is fantastic. She really listens to you and works with you to achieve your goals. I have gained tons of confidence and have never felt so strong. Highly recommend Maddie!" Izzie

"I had a session with Maddie to build my confidence using some of the gym equipment. She is clearly highly skilled and great at what she does. She made me feel super comfortable trying out new exercises, and was patient with me throughout. Above all else, Maddie is extremely friendly and personable, making working out with her a real joy :)" Lauren

"Being in my fifties, I was really keen to increase my muscle strength, balance and general level of fitness. However, I always felt a little intimidated by the gym. Maddie has been so supportive and for the first time that I can remember, I am enjoying the gym and feel motivated to go! I have a tailor-made exercise plan which Maddie regularly adapts so that it is safe and achievable but challenging. Also, as well as making me work hard, Maddie makes the sessions fun and is always encouraging. I definitely feel fitter and stronger since starting personal training. It has given me a real sense of achievement and I am finally sticking with a fitness programme!" Victoria

"Maddie is amazing. She is so kind and supportive. Having worked with her during PT sessions, she has helped me achieve my goals and I felt like she really listened to my needs. Around the gym she is always helpful and available should I have any questions. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Maddie for helping me start my fitness journey" Client

"I started personal training because I was insecure - I just didn't feel comfortable with my body post Covid lockdown and months on end of WFH. After a couple of sessions with Maddie however, my goals started changing: I was no longer exercising to feel less self-conscious; I was exercising because it made me feel strong and helped me become more productive and focused during the day. Working out is now a method of relieving stress and, as an unexpected bonus, has even helped relieve my back pain. It is now a part of my self-care routine, and I can't thank Maddie enough for this. Her kindness and encouragement are second-to-none and I would highly recommend Maddie to anyone keen on improving their fitness and changing their approach to exercise." Marianne

"After a long break I decided that I wanted to start personal training sessions to get back in the gym to try and improve both my fitness and mental health. I was initially worried about going back but Maddie took the time to listen to what I was wanting to achieve from the sessions and thanks to her expertise and friendly manner I’m not only stronger and healthier than I have been for a while but a lot happier in myself too. Because of Maddie’s encouragement and support over the last couple of months I now look forward to exercising." Josie

"I began personal training with Maddie to get back into the gym after not training for a long period of time. I felt nervous about going into the free weights area and using machines I had never used before, but Maddie instilled confidence and direction, instructing professionally, making sure I worked hard within my abilities with a lovely chilled and encouraging demeanour. Her personalised plan for me was easy to follow and I could mix and match the exercises in my own time as well. I now feel confident using the equipment, free weights and ensuring I have correct form and I feel completely comfortable asking for help and advice :) I feel stronger after these few weeks and can’t wait to keep going!" Rachael

"I wanted to vary my exercise to help keep me interested and to increase my strength too, so Maddie added weights to the other aerobic stuff in the gym, garden and on footpaths I do anyway. I've gained both knowledge of how to safely use a variety of free weights and confidence in my ability to train alone. I'm definitely stronger and I enjoy all my exercise sessions more as I rotate between them. I'm not bored by the same old routine anymore. Thanks Maddie!" Brigid


"In the last three months training with Maddie, I've gained more confidence in the gym, especially with weight training. I've become stronger and leaner and just overall have more energy! I feel happier and more confident and I want to keep going and make training a lifelong commitment. I do wish I'd started training earlier in life as I think it would have improved my overall quality of life, but hey! Better late than never :) Not only do I feel better, but during my sessions with Maddie we were able to have a laugh whilst still staying focused. Maddie is always positive and genuinely cares about her clients' physical and mental wellbeing. Thanks Maddie, keep up the great work!" Michelle


"I started my journey with Maddie as an extremely under-confident and anxious girl. Maddie has helped me to feel comfortable in the gym, and confident to use the equipment I would often shy away from. I have been able to transform into a stronger, healthier and more positive person. I couldn’t have done it without her support." Fleur

"I had an expensive habit of joining gyms and making exercise plans and then not getting round to actually doing any exercise, due to a lack of confidence. Through our sessions, Maddie has helped completely change that. She is encouraging, thoughtful and really knows what she is doing. I'm feeling much stronger and happier and am now training for a Tough Mudder, which isn't something I would have considered before!" Joanne

"Maddie is a fantastic Personal Trainer! She took time to understand areas specific to my training needs including  working shift patterns and diet. She is very encouraging, knowledgable, and pre-plans each session to be highly effective. I am stronger and healthier, and look forward to each session. It was important to me to develop solid techniques to prevent injury and train efficiently. Not only is Maddie a brilliant PT, she is kind, supportive and understanding. I highly recommend Maddie, I am so grateful for her help." Dr P

"Maddie is a very nice, professional trainer who creates tailored programmes according to your needs. I was really happy with the variety of exercises and machines/tools we used during my workouts, so it was never boring and I was always looking forward to our training sessions. She is also very supportive and always notice your effort but tries to challenge you a bit more every time. I really started to like strength training and the gym in general thanks to her!" Giedre

"I feel empowered from all that I have learnt training with Maddie!" Jessica

"Maddie took me from running 3km to 10km in under an hour in eight weeks. Workouts were fun and I feel mentally and physically strong!" Alice

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